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immagine Sport Experience

Sports Vacation Experience

We want your "sports vacation" to be filled with experiences! And those in contact with nature are some of the best to remember by. Explore the land around us as you please, with the guides and instructors at your disposal.

To experience all the nuances of a beach vacation as a family, and much more!

SUPs and CANOES Along a Blue Flag Coastline

Did you know that our coastline has been awarded the Blue Flag? And with sup and canoe activities, you can enjoy all the beauty of our crystal-clear waters, reaching even the most picturesque spots on our coast.

If you are already an expert in these sports, you can go alone, perhaps even for a family outing.

Otherwise, you can rely on our entertainment team with our organized classes.

children entering the water with a canoe
girl kneeling on a table
tip of canoe looking towards the Circeo National Park
girl with mask and snorkel snorkeling in Terracina

Snorkeling Terracina

Feel like discovering our sea from a different point of view? Terracina offers several snorkeling opportunities, with its sandy beaches, reefs, caves and nearby islands.

Choose our snorkeling activities, suitable for both adults and children, and have a new experience by diving into our crystal clear waters. You can choose to take classes or join the guides on their outings.

E-BIKE TOUR 3,2,1… it's pedaling time!

Where? Among the natural and historical beauties of our territory. The destination of your vacation is one of the key elements that determine your choice.

That is why we welcome you zero meters from the sea, and we wish to take you even further! With the "Circeo Be Wild" team, you can discover trails among parks, cliffs and breathtaking views. All this while riding their very comfortable e-bikes, suitable for the whole family!

handlebar bike in the foreground by the sea
bikers on elevated path with the sea in the background
Padelist handling 3 tennis balls
backhand padel position

ZERO 15 Padel club

For the perfect mix of excitement and competition, all you have to do is pick up a racket and start your game!

With the Zero15 Padel Club App, you can check when our two courts are available, and find challengers at the same level as you. And for the less experienced, our instructors are available.

You can start your vacation as a beginner and go back home as an experienced player!

suit, racket, ball: all you need to play padel

Sports Vacation Experience

biker walks a small path
canoing surrounded by the hilly landscape with the sky reflected on the water
hiking trail with breathtaking views of the coastline
village padel courts


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