Zero Food&Beach

At our restaurant Zero Food & Beach, you can literally say you’re eating on the beach!
Start your day with our Wow Breakfast, a tasty, hearty meal that will satisfy all palates, with savoury and sweet selections, homemade cakes, fresh fruit, and fresh-baked croissants.
And when it’s time for lunch, everyone knows that eating at the beach means eating fresh and fast. A sandwich, a salad, a cold platter. Why not enjoy your meal while dangling your feet in the surf? Just order; we’ll know where to find you!

The beach wears you out, and you’ll be famished by nightfall!
At Zero Food & Beach, you can start your dining experience as early as sunset so you can experience great atmosphere and great food in perfect harmony.
You can savour our dishes and our traditional or gourmet pizzas, straight from the oven to your plate right before your very eyes.
Distances are important to us: you’ll be eating “a stone’s throw” from the sea, and our ingredients are farm-to-table!
Your little ones can even choose from a special children’s menu so you can pig out on pizza together!
Our seaside bar is open all day for all your needs, from your morning coffee to a refreshing nightcap… even to a bomba, a traditional fried, crème-filled doughnut. Oh, go on – you’re on holiday!
And if you really want convenience, download the Foodat app!
Order online and just wait for us to bring it to you. The tastiness and freshness of our dishes, anywhere you want them, with the convenience of online payment.
Take a peek: https://www.zerofoodbeach.it/